Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Change Your Luck With Gemstone Jewelry

by Angel Torres

For generations, ancient civilizations utilized the power of crystals and stones to manifest good luck and abundance. By allowing yourself to naturally connect to the energies and vibrations of particular stones, you become open to receiving good things that come your way. If you feel unlucky in some aspect of your life, try wearing jewelry made from gemstones known to manifest good luck.


If you're looking to attract abundance and success, wear aventurine jewelry. Aventurine is said to be a manifestation gemstone because it can help transform dreams into reality. If you're looking for love, this sunny-colored stone can also boost your luck in the relationship department.

Black Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal

The black tourmalinated quartz is believed to bring great luck and wealth to its wearer. This uniquely beautiful stone is comprised of clear quartz crystal with bits of black tourmaline scattered throughout. When worn as jewelry, this gemstone can also facilitate balance and healing on many levels.


The carnelian is said to manifest good luck and opportunity, making it a great choice of gemstone for a job interview. Ancient Egyptians buried loved ones with pieces of carnelian to protect them as they crossed over into the afterlife. Today, people also wear this stunning reddish-orange stone in order to enhance vitality and awaken hidden talents.


Citrine is said to be a stone of happiness and light because it cleanses the body and never absorbs negative energy. Wearing this gemstone can help you to manifest anything you want in your life, as well as enhance your clarity of mind and creativity.


Jade is a well-known good luck charm, as many believe this attractive green stone is powerful enough to help you break through self-imposed barriers to obtain your goals and manifest success. Wearing jade also attracts a more fulfilling life by enhancing courage and compassion.


Are you experiencing money problems? If so, wear pyrite because it is said to attract abundance and relieve financial hardships. The color of this stone resembles gold, making it a natural symbol for good luck and money.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to anyone who wears it. In ancient times, this stone was used as a talisman against curses and bad luck. Wearing a tiger's eye can also encourage optimism and hope for the future.

Any piece of jewelry fashioned with a good luck gemstone contains the vital energy of that stone. If you wish to have better luck in an area of your life, wear one or more of these gemstones to increase your vibrations so you may receive all the good things life has to offer.


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Choosing Classier Jewelry

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