Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Body Chain Jewelry For Dancers

by Angel Torres

Body chain jewelry is an attractive accessory that can emphasize and complement dance movements. Body chain jewelry can be simple or complex and can dangle around the body or hug the body closely. Whatever style of body chain jewelry you wear, it will highlight and add interest and sparkle to your body as you dance. Here are some body chain jewelry styles that work well for dancers: 

  • Body Chain Necklaces - Necklaces made of body chain can greatly enhance and emphasize a dancer's upper body movement. Simple body chain necklaces may consist of a few chains that hang from a core chain around the neck and dangle down the front and back of the dancer. More elaborate body chain necklaces can encompass the entire upper body in multiple hanging chains that drape onto the breasts, chest, hips, waist and back. Whatever style you choose will catch the available light and flash and sparkle as you dance. Gemstone and glass pendants, accent beads, and cabochon embellishments can be attached to body chain necklaces to add color. Body chain necklaces work well for ballet and tap dancers. 
  • Waist Chain Jewelry - Chain jewelry worn around the waist can also be simple or complex. Simple waist chain jewelry can be worn as a belt with or without gemstone cabochon embellishments. Elaborate waist chain jewelry can hang down from the waist to emphasize hip movements and can have gemstone and glass hanging accent beads. Waist chain jewelry is excellent for belly dancers. 
  • Hand Chain Jewelry - Custom-made hand chain jewelry is very effective to emphasize a dancer's movements. Hand chain jewelry is most often attached to a dancer's wrist and drapes down and attaches to the thumb and fingers. An embellished chain maille shape can be worn on the top of the hand with gemstones and glass beads for interest and flash. Hand chain jewelry works well for belly dancers to emphasize the rhythm of their music as they dance.  
  • Foot Chain Jewelry - Chain jewelry for the foot is worn around the ankle, drapes down and encircles the foot, and attaches to a dancer's toes. A closely-woven chain shape is often worn on the top of the foot much like a shoe. This chain shape can be made of chain maille or woven links. Foot chain jewelry has stretchable elastic bands that encircle the foot to keep the chains comfortably in place. Foot chain jewelry can be worn while barefoot or with a simple ballet slipper or dance flat. 
  • Head Chain Jewelry - Woven and draped chain jewelry is very effective when worn around a dancer's forehead and crown of the head. These head chains can hang down around the head for movement or can we worn as a close cap, especially when embellished with colored gemstones or glass cabochons. Head chain jewelry can highlight a dancer's face and facial expressions and can be worn by many types of dancers. 

Body chain jewelry adds sparkle and highlights a dancer's body movements. Colored niobium chain links can be used in body chain jewelry to add intense color without the weight of other metals. Choose a style and metal that is comfortable and will not be felt while dancing. Whether you are a professional or amateur dancer, body chain jewelry can add to your dance costume and attract your audience to your dance moves and the rhythm of your music. 

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Choosing Classier Jewelry

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