Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Gold-Plated Jewelry Care To Ensure The Most Authentic Looking Gold Pieces

by Angel Torres

Would you like to have more gold jewelry but do not want to invest a fortune in building a collection? If so, gold plated jewelry could be an alternative to pure gold jewelry, and as long as it is properly cared for, people will likely not know the difference. This is because the plated version is made of real gold that is applied to the outer portion of jewelry pieces. For example, some plated jewelry is sterling silver that is covered with a gold overlay. The following suggestions can keep gold plated jewelry looking its best.

Limit contact with water.

Too much water exposure may damage the plated surface. Hot tubs and swimming pools often have chlorine and other chemicals added to them to inhibit bacteria. The tap water in your home may also have chlorine and other chemicals, and ocean water contains salt. All of these could cause the plated surface of your jewelry to become compromised. Simply remove jewelry when using water or participating in water-related activities. 

Avoid contact with potentially damaging acidic environments.

If you cook regularly, beware of acidic ingredients such as tomatoes. These can negatively impact the plated surface. If you are a person who sometimes uses your hands to scoop up food scraps from your plate rather than using an eating utensil, be mindful of acidic sauces and food juices. 

Some people's perspiration may even be acidic due to their pH balance. This is why you should not wear your jewelry when you are exercising or if your work involves rigorous activities.

Use beauty regimens before putting gold plated jewelry on.

It is best to apply makeup, perfume, lotions and other beauty aids prior to putting your jewelry on. This is because the ingredients in these items could affect the plated surface. By putting them on first, their contact with the jewelry will be on the innermost portions rather than the area that is visible. 

Avoid rough handling.

Tossing your gold plated jewelry on rough surfaces can create scratches and pitting on the surface. Also, be mindful of the plated items coming into contact with each other. For example, if you remove several pieces of jewelry and put them in your purse they could bump against each other or other items in your purse such as keys. 

Consider re-plating your favorite pieces if they show signs of wear and tear.

If you wear certain pieces of your gold plated jewelry as your primary pieces or mishandle them, you may find that the plating surface eventually wears down. This does not mean that you will need to throw away the jewelry. Instead, locate a jeweler who offers gold re-plating services.

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Choosing Classier Jewelry

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