Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

4 Occasions For Which The Buddhist Love Knot Makes A Great Gift

by Angel Torres

Reaching out with a timely spiritual gift is a great way to offer support to someone who is going through a hard time. Not only is the Buddhist Love Knot appropriate for these kinds of situations, it also works well for celebrating happier news as well. Consider a piece of jewelry or candle holder decorated with this iconic symbol when you need the right gift for these four situations.

Loss of a Loved One

Dealing with grief and loss is what causes many people to turn to spiritual practices that focus on compassion and going beyond physical reality, such as Buddhism. Since the Love Knot symbol is woven in a way that makes it endless, it's a potent symbol of everlasting life and existence beyond death. Giving this symbol as a gift to someone who is mourning is a great way to help them focus on the spiritual side of death rather than just the physical and emotional pain of it.

End of a Relationship

Again, the same interwoven and endless design can be very inspiring to someone who has just went through a messy divorce or break up. Meditating on the interlinking lines reminds us that there is really no end to anything because every end is simply the beginning of something else. A piece of jewelry with this symbol is particularly helpful in this situation because the recipient can wear the gift at all times and remind themselves of what's coming in the future with a single glance.

Struggles with Addiction

Most people that are struggling with an addiction have a very hard time treating themselves with compassion. Yet, self-compassion is the key to overcoming addiction because berating yourself for a momentary lapse in strength only makes it harder to stay on track. Tibetan Buddhists use the Love Knot to symbolize the perfect union of wisdom and compassion that leads to enlightenment. Sharing the symbol with a loved one trying to overcome addiction reminds them to extend compassion to themselves and to have the wisdom to return to their goal instead of just focusing on a temporary failure.

Weddings and Engagements

Naturally, an endless knot of interwoven angles is a perfect symbol for representing two people joining together in love. Much like the Celtic Love Knot, many non-Buddhists choose this symbol as a way of representing how closely bound they wish to be with their spouse or partner. Even if the couple in question isn't Buddhist or particularly spiritual, they can appreciate the symbolism of joining together simply by looking at the design.

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