Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Tips For Organizing Your Coin Collection

by Angel Torres

Collecting rare and valuable coins by purchasing them through places like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins, can be both exciting and profitable. Unfortunately, many collectors reduce the value of the coins in their collection by failing to have the collection organized properly.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you get your own coin collection more organized in the future.

1. Take the time to sort your coins.

If you have a large collection that hasn't been maintained properly, then your coins are likely jumbled together. Taking the time to sort these coins is the first step to organizing your collection. Not only do you want to separate your coins by denomination, but also by year and mint mark as well.

Some coins have value due to their age, while others are valuable because of the place where they were minted. By grouping your coins together by denomination, date, and mint mark, you will be able to more easily catalog your valuable coins.

2. Keep your coins protected.

A well-organized coin collection allows for the protection of each individual coin while it is in storage. The value of a coin is dependent largely upon the condition the coin is in. To avoid tarnishing the value of your coins, you need to get organized.

Invest in some cardboard sleeves that can house an individual coin. Label the outside of the sleeve with identifying information about the coin, then store these sleeves in a safe place. You want to ensure that heavier coins are stored on the bottom so that they don't dent and damage softer, lighter coins in your collection.

3. Use software programs to help you stay organized.

Once you have your coins separated and protected, it's time to catalog them for easy reference. Investing in a software program designed specifically for coin collectors can be beneficial during the cataloging process.

These programs allow you to track the value of each coin in your collection and generate inventory reports that can be used for insurance purposes. Relying on a software program eliminates the need to remember all of the coins in your collection when trying invest in new coins without buying duplicates of coins you already have in your your collection.

Getting organized is essential for serious coin collectors. If you want your collection to remain as valuable as possible then you need to separate and protect your coins prior to entering their identifying information into a software database.


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