Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Ready To Propose? 3 Trends In Engagement Rings

by Angel Torres

Having the perfect proposal won't mean much unless you have a ring to present your future bride with as well. If your bride likes things that are current or trendy, then you should make sure that you choose a ring that they will post about on social media as soon as you pop the question. With so many trends out there to choose form, this article will list three specific ones to look for when you are out ring shopping. 

1. A Diamond Solitaire

One type of ring that's trending right now is a solitaire diamond. Solitaire rings are rings where there is just one big diamond in the center. One of the things that a lot of future brides are liking about this specific style of ring is that it's more of a minimalist-inspired ring. Whether you have a lot of money to spend on a diamond or you have a tight budget, virtually any size of stone set in a solitaire-designed ring will look absolutely stunning. 

2. A Thin, Diamond Band

Another thing to consider going with your solitaire ring or another ring is a thin, diamond band. You may not want to give your future bride the diamond band until your actual wedding day, but having one to go with it is a must. Look for one that's especially thin and that has tiny diamonds all around it. Tiny diamonds won't just save you money, but they look delicate and classic at the same time. 

3. Round Diamonds

When you go to purchase the diamond and the ring, you will have a bunch of cuts of diamonds to choose from. Although square, rectangle, and oval diamonds are beautiful, one trend right now is round diamonds. Round diamonds are great because they don't tend to get caught on anything and they are a classic/timeless look. Plus, round diamonds tend to go with almost everyone's personal style, which you can't say about other cuts of diamonds. 

You only want to get down on one knee once in your life. To make it as special as possible, make sure that you choose a ring that your future bride will love, adore, and treasure for years and years to come. To learn more about engagement rings and what kind you should choose for your bride, visit a jeweler near you today, and they can help you make the final decision. 

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Choosing Classier Jewelry

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