Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Sterling Silver Skull Rings

by Angel Torres

An image of a skull is often used to represent mortality, toughness, equality, or the afterlife. The versatility of skull imagery has led to the production of jewelry pieces that contain skull embellishments. The following information will introduce you to sterling silver and some bold and delicate ring styles that feature a skull motif.

Pure Silver Versus Sterling Silver

Pure silver is a soft metal that is lustrous and has a whitish hue. A piece of jewelry that is marketed as a silver product will contain a high percentage (almost 100%) of elemental silver and very small traces of other metals. Because of its softness, dainty jewelry pieces that contain pure silver are susceptible to becoming scratched.

Sterling silver is a metal alloy. It contains a large amount of silver and a small amount of copper. The metal alloy will retain its shape. Sterling silver products can become tarnished after interacting with moisture in the air or after becoming wet.

Sterling silver is durable and, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime. Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in a jewelry bag or a box, to preserve the metal alloy. A jewelry cleaner should be used to freshen up sterling silver as needed.

Some Ring Styles

If you have a bold fashion sense, shop for a chunky skull ring style that contains a large, three-dimensional skull, a thick band, and a series of gem accents. A skull's facial features may vary and include a series of serious or whimsical characteristics.

Look for rings that feature detailed artwork, including prominent engravings that provide a skull with a unique look. If you choose a piece that contains gem accents, real rubies, topaz stones, or another gem variety may be used to represent the eyes or the nose of a skull.

If you enjoy wearing dainty pieces of jewelry that are pretty straightforward in their design, shop for a skull ring that features a series of small skulls that make up the band of the ring or a piece that contains a beautiful setting that consists of a small skull that is bordered by a series of flowers or another design element that you like.

If you like the mysterious aura that surrounds some macabre tales or superstitions, purchase a skull jewelry piece that contains a hologram or color-changing stones. A hologram may switch between a skull image and another image, depending upon the angle that you view the hologram. Color-changing stones may contain thermotropic liquid crystals that react to changes in the temperature.

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