Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Want A Diamond But Want To Stay Within A Smaller Budget? You Have Options

by Angel Torres

Sometimes a diamond is the only stone that will do for your jewelry, but the cost of the diamond you want might be out of reach of your budget. This does not mean you can't have a diamond; you have options that will let you score a pretty diamond without destroying your financial planning. However, these options do require considering a wider range of diamonds. Which one you choose may depend on what your "non-negotiable" points are for the gem you hope to buy.

Look at Different Colors

If you have certain cuts or carat sizes in mind, look at compromising on color. While a classic diamond ring, for example, has that bright white gem shining like a star, you can also find rings with brown diamonds, for example. A "champagne" color (a very light brown) looks wonderful in yellow or rose gold bands. You may also want to consider different hues of white diamonds, as even one or two shades off from the "D," "E," and "F" grades — the "colorless" diamonds that are among the most coveted — can still look fabulous. The shift in hue is difficult for non-experts to see.

Go Lab-Grown

If color and size are items you refuse to budge on, a lab-grown diamond might be the most affordable bet. These diamonds are chemically identical to what is mined out of the ground, but they're created in a lab. The costs associated with creating lab-grown diamonds tend to be much less than those for mines and all the work and danger that go into finding diamonds underground. Plus, different colors can be created more easily (the colors in diamonds come from from various elements like boron and nitrogen), so a lab-grown blue diamond, for example, would be more affordable than a naturally produced blue diamond, which is very rare.

Have You Considered Estate Jewelry?

It's true; "estate" is a fancy way of saying "previously owned," which also means "previously worn." But if you aren't opposed to that, check out estate sales and stores that sell estate jewelry (you may also want to look at terms like antique and vintage). While the gem quality can be as good as new, the cuts may be older and considered less desirable, making them cost less. That doesn't mean they're not pretty! They just might not be as coveted as a newly cut diamond with a brilliant round cut.

You can also look at smaller diamonds that have great clarity and color, or even look at jewelry that has another stone as the main attraction with diamonds on the sides. Speak with a jeweler about your options so you can find a ring that meets your desires while also meeting your budget limits.


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Choosing Classier Jewelry

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