Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

Buy One Of These Pendants As A Good Luck Charm

by Angel Torres

If you feel that you could use a little good luck, there are lots of ideas that you can explore. For someone who enjoys wearing jewelry, a necklace pendant that has a symbol that represents good luck can be a fun thing to wear. Browse the pendant section of an online fine jewelry shop to see what designs are available. You can expect to find a handful of jewelry pieces that have a connection with good luck, and one of these pieces may jump out at you. Here are some necklace pendants that you may wish to consider buying for good luck.

Four-Leaf Clover 

There are all sorts of four-leaf clover necklace pendants on the market, and given this symbol's association with good luck, it may be a design that you want to shop for. Some four-leaf clover pendants are simple, essentially just featuring the shape cut out of metal and polished. Others feature gemstones—for example, it's common to see a piece that is finished with natural or synthetic green gemstones that offer a colorful look.

Koi Fish

A lot of people believe that the image of a koi fish will bring them luck. This is a design that some people incorporate into tattoo designs, but not everyone wishes to receive a permanent tattoo as a way of feeling they have good luck. A koi fish necklace pendant can be a better option. These fish have orange, white, and black on them, so most of the koi fish pendants you see will feature this color scheme. You'll see pendants with fish in many different sizes and positions, allowing you to find one that resonates with you. Some of these pendants feature gemstones in specific locations—for example, one gemstone represents the eye of the fish.


Many online jewelry shops also sell horseshoe-shaped pendants, and this is another symbol that people widely associate with good luck. The popularity of this symbol means that you'll see horseshoe pendants in many different materials, as well as designs that have a rustic look and others that feel highly refined. The latter, for example, can have gemstones along the length of the horseshoe. You'll even find high-end horseshoe pendants that are adorned with a number of small diamonds.

Visit an online fine jewelry shop to check out its selection of pendants, including those that you may wish to wear as a source of good luck.


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