Choosing Classier Jewelry

Choosing Classier Jewelry

  • Body Chain Jewelry For Dancers

    Body chain jewelry is an attractive accessory that can emphasize and complement dance movements. Body chain jewelry can be simple or complex and can dangle around the body or hug the body closely. Whatever style of body chain jewelry you wear, it will highlight and add interest and sparkle to your body as you dance. Here are some body chain jewelry styles that work well for dancers:  Body Chain Necklaces - Necklaces made of body chain can greatly enhance and emphasize a dancer's upper body movement.

  • Three Reasons To Repair A Rolex Watch

    Rolex watches have been a name associated with luxury for decades. They have worked hard to earn this reputation. On the other hand, if you have a watch that no longer runs, you may be tempted to trade it in for an improved model. When it comes to a Rolex watch, however, there are at least three solid reasons why you should have your watch repaired instead.  Materials Rolex makes its own gold alloys and uses 904L steel in its watches.

  • Getting Started With The Four C's Of Diamonds

    If you are in the market for a wedding ring, then you might be trying to figure out which diamond is best for your partner. However, diamonds can get pretty confusing, since they are often judged on criteria that is practically impossible for the untrained eye to identify. To help you get a better idea of how the diamond rating process works, here is an overview of the 4 C's:

  • Change Your Luck With Gemstone Jewelry

    For generations, ancient civilizations utilized the power of crystals and stones to manifest good luck and abundance. By allowing yourself to naturally connect to the energies and vibrations of particular stones, you become open to receiving good things that come your way. If you feel unlucky in some aspect of your life, try wearing jewelry made from gemstones known to manifest good luck. Aventurine If you're looking to attract abundance and success, wear aventurine jewelry.

  • 3 Ways To Earn Extra Money When You Are Short On Cash

    Dealing with an unexpected expense can be frustrating. You do everything you can to make ends meet when all of a sudden something happens that you weren't prepared for. Instead of panicking as to how you are going to come up with the money to pay for the added cost, you can turn to selling something of value that you might have lying around your home not getting much use anyway.

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    Choosing Classier Jewelry

    About a month ago, I started thinking about the kinds of jewelry I was choosing. It occurred to me that I really needed to start looking for classier pieces since most of my jewelry was pretty loud and annoying. I thought that it was sending the wrong vibe to customers, and I was right. After choosing classier pave pieces, I got a better response from clients. This blog is all about finding better jewelry pieces and knowing which styles and themes to avoid in the workplace. You never know, a few small changes could really improve the response you get from customers.